Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Be 1st to Fill Our PA Jobs in London and Win £100 John Lewis Voucher

Receive a £100 John Lewis voucher when you apply for and are appointed to fill new PA jobs in London, through our new “RMS Recruitment – PA, Admin, Secretarial Jobs” app. Accept a new PA job this October using the new “RMS Recruitment – PA, Admin, Secretarial Jobs” app and have a chance to receive a £100 John Lewis voucher from us. Job processing in London should not only be speedy, but also accurate. With the new RMS recruitment app, the correct applicant will be matched with the right job, in less time than before.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Top Recruitment Agencies are Back to Pre-Recession Staffing Levels

As the UK emerges from the recent recession, employment confidence is high again during the second quarter of 2015, according to The Glassdoor UK Employment Confidence Survey. With this positive news, we at RMS Recruitment, serving as one of the top recruitment agencies in London, would like to announce that our company is officially back to pre-recession staffing levels with new members joining the RMS Team. RMS Recruitment proudly welcomes Kathryn Blacker as a full-time consultant this summer. Kathryn Blacker graduated from Leeds University with a 1st in Business Management and Marketing in the year 2013. Due to her keen interest in Sales and Marketing, she went on to become an Account Manager at a live video streaming agency. There, she thrived on working in a client-facing managerial role for accounts in music, fashion and publishing. After a while, Kathryn sought out job opportunities that offered team-oriented, friendly environments.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Temp Recruitment Agencies in London Adopt Ergonomic Office Chairs

As one of the leading temp recruitment agencies in London, we at RMS Recruitment strive to maintain the quality of our services. One way we do this is by making sure that our employees stay productive, competent, and healthy. According to the British Occupational Health Research Foundation, 40 percent of the working population is affected by back pain and an approximate 50 million working days are lost annually due to such injuries. It also costs a total of about £5 billion in sickness absence every year, which amounts to £200 for every absent employee. On our part, we are adopting an ergonomic workplace by bringing in new office chairs. Workers in the office like temps, PAs, and secretaries know just how critical a good office chair is to one’s wellbeing. Georgie, one of RMS Recruitment’s consultants, suffered from a bad back which caused great discomfort while working. We invested in a new office chair with advanced ergonomics for Georgie.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

West End Recruitment Agencies Must Prioritise Talent Over Background

It’s common knowledge that educational success is one of the top considerations an employer makes before hiring a prospective employee. This practice has been supported by many individuals and companies across many industries. However, there are those who question its practicality. While education is undoubtedly important, others believe that the individual skill set and personality should take precedence over academic achievement. Over the years, many companies have embraced the latter idea and have benefitted from it. Despite this fact, according to a BBC news report from 15th June 2015, many elite firms continue to ‘sideline’ the large potential that many applicants possess in favour of those from the top universities, specifically the 24 that belong to the esteemed Russell Group.

Friday, October 16, 2015

London PA Recruitment Firms Offer the Best Apps for Your Job-Hunt

Working as a personal assistant (PA) may be the opportunity that enables you to amass career experience and springboard yourself to higher corporate positions down the line. It can be even better when you’re assigned to be part of a major company’s senior staff. Securing such an opportunity is made easier by accessing job lists through a London PA recruitment agencies app like RMS Recruitment – PA and Admin Jobs. Typical Features Many recruitment apps for PA and secretarial jobs currently downloadable today have a number of features common among them. These include a list of open candidate positions, a calendar to guide you on your next interview, and ability to submit your CV. Most of all, they are available for all existing mobile platforms and operating systems.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tackle Maternity Leave via Secretarial Recruitment Agencies in London

Becoming pregnant is a life changing event for everyone concerned. For women in the secretarial profession, it also means new challenges such as being able to go on leave and having a job to return to when they’re ready. Being hired by an employer that’s considerate enough to allow you the leave you need at no risk to your job may be possible, with secretarial recruitment agencies in London like RMS Recruitment helping find that suitable fit. Basics Eligible employees are allowed to take up to 1 years’ worth of maternity leave. Employers are required by law to allow expectant female employees to go on leave starting 11 weeks before the predicted birth date. In turn, employees are responsible for having a roadmap ready for their temporary departure, changeover of responsibility, and a return to action. The government’s launch of shared parental leaves in June 2015 also gives couples better flexibility on how they can address parenthood, especially if they’re first-timers.